Bust The 5 Common Vision Myths That Keep You Stuck in Glasses & Contacts, Worried About Your Declining Vision... And Considering Risky Surgery

Claudia Muehlenweg

Holistic Vision Coach & Creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method

Friday March 10, 2023

12 pm PT / 3 pm ET / 8 pm UK /
9 pm CET / 7 am ACT (Saturday)

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What You Will Learn In This Free Workshop:
  • ​Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Your Optometrist
  • ​How To Stop Spending on "Eye Care" That Makes Your Vision Worse
  • The Hidden Pitfalls of Reading Glasses
  • ​​How To Read Small Print With Ease Again
  • ​Why It's Not About Your "Faulty" Eyeballs
  • Simple 1 Mins Vision Practices To See More Clearly Immediately
  • Why Age Has Nothing To Do With How Well You Can See
  • What Your Beliefs Have To Do With Your Eyesight

What workshop participants are saying:

"This is so amazing ! I can't wait to ditch my glasses." ~ Maria

"This is info blowing my mind
in an awesome way! I feel empowered and hopeful that I can avoid glasses...forever!"
~ Lisa

"Thank you Claudia and Team, This is so Inspiring and Empowering!" ~ Patti

"Thanks for your bravery!!! Outstanding observations you are sharing. TRUTH!!!! "~ Elisa
"Thank you, Claudia, for all of your wonderful information.
I am a strong believer that the body can heal itself when given the proper environment. Many blessings to you and your work!!" ~ Judy
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • ​Will there be a replay?
    We do not plan to offer a replay as past experiences has shown that no one watches them. Plus we offer special gifts and bonuses for live attendees so showing up live pays off big time.
  • ​Are the three sessions different or the same? 
    The content of each class is basically the same. We offer the workshop live three times to accommodate all global time zones and schedules.
  • How much time do I need to budget to attend the live workshop?
    The actual training runs for about 90 minutes. The Q&A takes as long as there are questions from the attendees, usually 30-45 mins for a total of 2 to 2.5 hours.  
  • ​Can I ask questions during the workshop?
    Yes, we have a chat function inside our webinar platform Demio.
Holistic Vision Coach Claudia Muehlenweg
Claudia Muehlenweg (moo-lan-weg), founder & CEO of Holistic Vision, always hated her glasses and has made it her mission to help others see clearly naturally… just like she has done. 

Through webinars, challenges, online programs, a membership and private coaching, she helps her clients see better, no matter what vision challenge they struggle with, including eye diseases.  

Claudia is a sought after international speaker and workshop leader. She focuses on finding the root cause of her clients’ blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery that can actually make their eyesight worse in the long term.
Medical Disclaimer: The information in this presentation is not intended to replace traditional vision care or regular check ups at an ophthalmologists office and is not medical advice. I understand that vision educators are not medical doctors. I am clear that I am not being diagnosed, prescribed for or treated medically for my vision or any other health condition. I understand that I can check my own vision to my satisfaction at any time. This presentation is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Claudia Muehlenweg,, and the experts who have contributed. We encourage you to make your own vision care decisions based upon your research and in collaboration with a qualified eye health care professional.